Van der Valk Hotel Breda Princeville



At Hotel Princeville, it is possible to dine a la carte, but for larger groups we also offer special 3 course menu’s.

In addition to our extensive menu, which includes dishes that are typical for the Van der Valk chain, we also serve seasonal dishes. During the summer we present authentic Dutch mussels, in autumn we have exquisite Game meals.

Take a look at our menu:


Tuna  pasta Capellini € 13.50
Tuna with red pepper, garlic oil, spring onions, parmesan cheese

Salad Chevrè € 13.50
Salad of luxury lettuce with grilled fresh goat cheese, made in Etten-Leur and a dressing of balsamic

Fitness salad € 13.75
Marinated grilled chicken breast served with fresh mixed salad, cashew nuts and cherry tomato

Focaccia Carpaccio  € 13.75
Paper thin sliced beef carpaccio, topped with Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, capers, rocket, tomatoes and honey mustard dressing

Trio of Fish € 13.75
3 types of bread topped with shrimp croquette, tuna salad and smoked salmon

Trio of Meat € 13.50
3 types of bread topped with a croquette, carpaccio and filet American

Focaccia Salmon € 13.50
Focaccia with herb cheese and topped with cold smoked Norwegian salmon fillet, topped with various types of lettuce and red onion rings

Vegan Sandwich € 7.50
Toasted sandwich with pesto and grilled vegetables



Classic Lunch Dishes

Vegan Clubsandwich € 10.75
Spelt bread topped with avocado topped with borecole, tomato, fried tofu and alfalfa sprouts

Omelettes and other egge dishes starting at € 7.50
Choise of toppics: ham, cheese, roast of beef or bacon. Choice of base: white  bread, full-wheat bread of fries

2 Croquettes € 8.50
Two beef croquettes with a choice of toast or French fries. 
Served on a bed of mixed salad and mustard

Dutch Schrimp Croquettes € 12.75
Dutch shrimps croquettes served on a bed of mixed salad and mustard

12 O'clock € 10.75
Combination of a soup of your choice (vegetable, tomato, chicken-or wild mushrooms soup, fried egg with ham, cheese, roast beef or bacon and a croquette With a choice of white or brown bread

Sandwich Barones € 7.75
Brown grained sandwich served with roast beef, truffle mayonnaise, rocket, sun dried tomato and pine nuts




Cocktail of Lobster Schrimps €14,75 
Grey shrimps on a base of lettuce with Apple and lemon. Served with a classic cocktail sauce

Linguine Vongolé € 14,70
In garlic oil stir fried seafood and fresh herbs served on a bed of linguine

Carpaccio of meat € 13,75
Beef carpaccio with Parmigiano Reggiano, toasted pine nuts, fresh luxury salad sprinkled with a dressing of honey mustard dressing



Soup of the day € 5.50
Daily changing soup of the day

Green asparagus soup € 5.50
Asparagus soup based on green asparagus

Chicken soup †5.50
Chicken broth filled with slices of leek, green onion, bean sprouts, chicken and a combination of herbs

Tomato soup â € 5.50
Pommordori soup topped with Basil

Wild Mushroom soup € 5,75
Homemade soup of fresh wild mushrooms

'Right through the vegetable garden' € 5,50
Vegetable soup with a garnish of egg noodles and beef balls


Main course Meat


Traditional Pork Tenderloin € 17.75
Fried pork tenderloin served with a mushroom sauce

Fried veal liver € 16.75
Veal liver served with fried onion rings, smoked bacon and apple julienne.
Drizzled with demi-glace.

Schnitzel 'Princeville' € 16.75
Pork schnitzel served with tomato sauce, mushrooms and onion rings.
Gratinated with cheese and served with a demi-glace. 

Traditional beef steak € 19.50
Fried Beef Steak
Served with a traditional Stroganoff Sauce

Irish Prime Beef (Aberdeen Angus) € 24.00
On a bed of radish, celery and peppers with a sauce of your choise.

Classic Beef Tenderloin € 26.50
Beef tenderloin fried in butter served with a stroganoff sauce

Satay XL € 16.75
XL skewer of chicken satay served with dried onions, prawn crackers, satay sauce, green bean pieces, fried banana, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage and fried rice.

Fried corn chicken breast € 16.75
Fried chicken breast served with a Roquefort sauce


Main courses Fish

Baked Salmon € 22.50
baked salmon filet served with Linguine pasta, Norwegian shrimp, smoked salmon chips topped with white wine sauce

Sole à la Meunière € 22.50
In butter fried sole served with sauce ravigotte

Dover Sole à la Meunière € 36.50
450 grams of North Sea sole fried in butter served with herb butter and sauce ravigotte

Baked cod fillet € 22.50
Baked cod fillet topped with Tarragon sauce


Main courses vegetarian

Truffle Penne pasta € 18.50
Penne pasta filled with Zucchini, peppers, spring onions, broccoli and cauliflower florets.
In a creamy truffle sauce

Ravioli Mushroom € 18.50
Ravioli stuffed with mushroom stuffing served with roasted Oyster Mushrooms and truffle cream sauce

Gnocchi pomodoro € 18.50
Stir fried gnocchi in a sauce of roasted tomato, shallots and basil

Vegetable lasagna € 18.50
From the oven fresh lasagne of various vegetables

Specialities Meat

Mixed grill Princeville € 20.75
Grilled chicken breast, mini steak and a lamb chop
Served with pineapple, bacon and garlic butter

Ribeye  € 20.75
Grilled Rib Eye marinated in fresh herbs and served with garlic butter

Grilled pepper steak € 21.50
Pepper steak served with a spicy pepper sauce

Chateaubriand (for 2 persons) € 47.50
Sliced beef fillet on a bed of seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, pasta, and three sauces

T-Bone steak € 28,.0
Grilled T-Bone steak marinated in fresh herbs and served with a sauce of your choice

Rump cap € 22.50
Fried in the oven served with seasonal vegetables

Specialities Fish

A taste of the sea € 23.50
Baked sole, grilled salmon and king prawns
Served with garlic butter and beurre blanc

Sea bass € 20.50
Baked on the plate sea filet served with a white wine sauce

Plaice € 20.50
Baked plaice with a remoulade sauce



Crème brûlée €7.50
A dessert consisting of a rich custard base, topped with  a contrasting layer of hard caramel

Chocolate triplet € 8.50
Consisting of chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate bavarois

Lemon pie € 6.50
Topped with a shot of lemon merengue

Cheesecake € 7.25
Served with red berries and whipped cream

Fresh strawberries € 8.75
Served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream


Classic Desserts

Dame Blanche â 'Princeville ' € 5.75
Vanilla ice cream served with a hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Sorbet € 6.75
Freshly cut fruits with three scoops of sorbet ice cream and strawberry sauce. 

Drizzled with (non-alcoholic) bubbles and whipped cream

Banana Royale € 6.75
Vanilla ice cream with banana, eggnog, hot chocolate sauce, almond flakes and whipped cream

Eggnog € 6.75
Eggnog ice cream served with whipped cream

Panna cotta € 7.50
Served with red berries and whipped cream

For our young guests we have a special menu, which costs €8,50. Of course, Van der Valk’s very own mascotte Timo Toucan is also present in the design. If necessary, we also serve vegetarian dishes.

If you have special needs or you are currently on a diet? Let us know and we will take this into account.

We serve a special menu each Month, look  for our menu of July.